Ms. Fusco

Ms. Fusco joined St. Stephen School in 1997. She teaches Religion to grades 2,3,5-8 each day and also assists the children in preparation of the sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. She also prepares the children to take part in the monthly liturgies for the school.

Ms. Fusco is a graduate of the Catholic Biblical School and has also earned the distinct honor of being named as Religious Educator of the year by the Diocese of Buffalo.

Ms. Fusco leads the Mission Club which meets after school. This club introduces community service to the children and is widely attended by all ages.

In the spirit of serving your community, Ms. Fusco serves as a Eucharistic Minister for our Parish and our school.

Some thoughts from Ms Fusco:

In your opinion, what is special about St. Stephen School?

The faculty and staff are just wonderful people to work with. The children all seem to get along well with each other and the parents are always willing to help out where needed.

Why did you want to become a teacher/administrator?

To be able to speak and live out my faith experiences to those young and old.

Do you have a specific goal to achieve through your teaching, a philosophy or desired outcome?

That I may touch each student and colleague with the respect and love that is so desired by each of us.

What are you most proud of regarding your teaching experience at St. Stephens?

I am so proud to be part of a wonderful family here at St. Stephen’s. Everyone treats me as being special.

Do your students often participate in certain contests or receive recognition?

Yes, the students always participate in the Try Prayer It Works Contest, the Vocational Contest and others that come along. Our students have been recognized by the Bishop when selected in one of these contests.