Frequently Asked Questions
Is St. Stephen's School Tuition Affordable?

As a matter of fact, many families qualify for tuition assistance through the Bison Fund or through our SSSTAP (St. Stephen School Tuition Assistance Program).
Support through the parish enables many families to afford the cost of a private education.


Are the teachers at a Catholic School as Qualified?

Our school employs very highly qualified and competent teachers. 

St. Stephen’s teachers have won awards including Grand Island Teacher of the Year.

St. Stephen’s teachers participate in professional development and attend continuing education courses to stay up to date on standards and teaching techniques.
St. Stephen’s is accredited by Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

Is it true that only Catholics can attend St. Stephen's School?
While St. Stephen’s is a Catholic School, non-Catholic students are welcome.  We currently have families that are not registered Catholics that attend our school.
Is is true that uniforms are very expensive and difficult to manage?

St. Stephen’s School offers a free uniform exchange. Our uniform closet is open year-round.

Uniforms relieve parental concerns with keeping up with trends.

Research has shown that students in uniforms consistently perform better academically and have less behavioral issues in the classroom.

We offer regular dress down days that allow our students the opportunity to dress casually.

Is it true that students can't or don't switch to St. Stephen's School after Kindergarten?

Students CAN and DO switch to St. Stephen’s School at various grades after kindergarten.  The school offers great academic programs at all levels and it is never too late to inquire.

We heard that there are no competitive sports programs.
St. Stephen’s School actually has sports teams at all grade levels including kindergarten.

Competitive teams:

    • Boys and Girls Swimming (K-8)
    • Boys and Girls Soccer (Gr.4-8)
    • Boys and Girls Basketball (Gr.4-8)
    • Boys and Girls Track (Gr.3-8)
    • Girls Softball (Gr.6-8)
    • Boys Baseball (Gr.6-8)
    • Boys and Girls Volleyball (Gr.4-8)

Intramural teams:

    • Soccer (K-3)
Is there a music program at St. Stephen's School?
St. Stephen’s School has a rich music program available to all students.

St. Stephen’s offers extra choral music direction for grades (4-8), and instrumental music direction for grades (3-8).

St. Stephen’s School families have the option of enrolling their child in paino and guitar instruction.

We have heard that Catholic School lack academic extras.
In addition to N.Y.S. mandated curriculum, St. Stephen’s School offers;

  • Religious Education
  • Foreign Language (Spanish) beginning in pre-kindergarten.
  • Advanced Math in seventh and eighth grade
Do Catholic Schools lack extra-curricular activities?
St. Stephen’s offers 13 clubs and school activities for students of all ages.
We have heard that Catholic Schools lack Technology in the classroom.
Each one of our classrooms are equipped with computers and each room is equipped with interactive white boards and document cameras.  Additionally we have a dedicated up to date computer lab and full time technology teacher.