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St. Stephen School offers Spanish to everyone!  Starting in PreK, students are connecting to other cultures and making comparisons in Spanish to their own native language.  From nursery rhymes and colors in PreK to Spanish 2 expanding on all topics in eighth grade, our program is enriching and encouraging students to think on a global scale!  We are proud to say that all of our students become well prepared for a future in higher learning.

Breakdown of the Grades, Levels, and Topics:

PreK 4 and K – We learn a variety of basic topics: Colors, shapes, animals, greetings and our names, feelings, our 5 senses in Spanish, and the holidays and celebrations for Spanish Countries and America.  We also do work with nursery rhymes in Spanish and English to compare the two.

1st- We continue our learning from last year with basic commands, greetings, talking about our likes and dislikes, opposites, adjectives and holidays and celebrations for Spanish Countries and America.

2nd- This is a fun and exciting year.  Students in 2nd grade practice their Spanish listening and recognition of words they have heard through the reading of legends from different Spanish-speaking countries.  We also create Spanish “amigo” puppets that help us to practice more speaking and to use simple phrases in Spanish with the topics covered thus far in their journeys.

3rd and 4th- These grades will be using, following and expanding upon the beginner topics in our Learning Systems workbooks.  We connect with songs and fun hands-on activities to learn and explore each topic covered.  We practice asking and answering questions, as well as writing in the target language.

5th- Students finish the learning system workbook and topics covered from the beginning of 3rd grade year. We read “Shadow of a Bull” by Maia Wojciechowska about a boy destined to be a bull fighter in a small town in Spain.  This book helps us to make cultural and global connections as well as learn about the amazing traditions in Spanish culture.

6th- This is the foundation year in the middle school Spanish program.  The students combine basic topics and more challenging grammar and conversation to lay the ground work for grasping the skills required to complete Level One of the target language.  They work hard on the beginning half of Spanish 1 covering topics ranging from colors, numbers and spelling to using verbs like Doler (to hurt) Gustar (to like) and Ser (to be) to describe ourselves and those around us. (Book- Realidades 1A)

7th-  The students continue their exploration and mastery of Level One in Spanish. They cover topics such as comparisons, regular and stem-changing verbs, informal and formal commands, and many other grammar structures plus review from 6th grade year.  They learn vocabulary that allows for discussions on topics of our homes, our friends, family, chores, and eating at a restaurant.  The students do several hands-on projects to demonstrate understanding of vocabulary and they apply grammar structures for each unit to a write up or an oral presentation. (Book- Realidades 1B)

8th- The eighth grade students work to expand their Spanish 1 knowledge by beginning Spanish Level 2.  We review topics from Spanish 1 as well as complete our studies with present tense verbs while we explore much more challenging grammatical structures such as the past tense. We expand and revisit topics like describing ourselves and others, shopping, the community, what we do in school and after school. Students complete hands-on group projects such as creating and building their own Spanish city/town and smaller independent projects like three day journals about our daily routines. (Book- Realidades 2)

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