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St Stephen School

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St Stephen School

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St. Stephen School’s mission is to create life-long learners, empowered with a strong sense of Catholic values, who will become responsible, contributing citizens of our world, making it a better place for future generations.
St. Stephen School - Grand Island, NY
St. Stephen School - Grand Island, NY
Kindergarten has been learning about the fall season. They have been reading books and singing songs about autumn leaves. After acting out the story, We're Going on a Leaf Hunt, they decorated bags and went on one. They collected leaves and talked about how they are alike and different, they sorted them by color, they found their favorite leaf and then lined them up in order from smallest to biggest. They even got a visit from The Old Lady Who Swallowed the Leaves. She read the story and gave them each their own copy. They sequenced pictures from the story. They learned a fall leaf poem and then added fall leaves to their season tree.
St. Stephen School - Grand Island, NY
St. Stephen School - Grand Island, NY
Congratulations to our students who completed Assemblyman Morinello’s summer reading challenge. They won a pizza party!
St. Stephen School - Grand Island, NY
St. Stephen School - Grand Island, NY
Congratulations to our September student of the month for the character trait “Welcoming”. Kennedy made sure that the new student in her class felt welcomed and involved in what the other students were doing. She makes sure that no one is left out, and has done a fantastic job displaying our character trait of "welcoming"
St. Stephen School - Grand Island, NY
St. Stephen School - Grand Island, NY
Second grade has been working very hard to earn desk pets. They completed the adoption process by paying the required fee (10 Class Dojo points), applying for the pet they wanted, filling out a Certificate of Adoption, and completing a descriptive writing assignment focusing on verbs and adjectives. Next, they will be building habitats for each of the animals!

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The lives of our students are continually enriched by the countless opportunities to join in on many activities and events. We are very blessed here at St. Stephen’s School to have a dedicated faculty who willingly offer to moderate the wide range of after school activites offered.

Clubs and Arts

We have many clubs, a national elementary and a junior elementary honor society and special events. We also have a very rich fine arts program that allows our children to explore their artistic side that ranges from art, to singing, choir, band, and instrumental instruction.


The broad array of opportunities help to develop well rounded children with a large variety of life experiences. Additionally many of our students participate in one or more of our numerous sports teams offered to all ages.

From the first day that Grace and Alexis entered St. Stephen School 10 years ago as bright eyed pre-schoolers, Betsy and I knew we made the right choice for our childrens’ education.
Joe & Betsy Fredricks

I wanted share some good news with you about David.   This is also a testament to their dedication and hard work.

Karen and Dave Conboy

St. Stephen School is an excellent educational institution! I have two current students at the school and they love coming to school everyday. The school offers a safe and encouraging environment for your children to learn. This is a excellent investment in my children’s future!

Jamie Fiegel

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