Mrs. Grapes



Welcome to 4th Grade!





We are very busy in 4th grade! 

ELA:  Learn many reading skills such as making inferences, context clues, and drawing conclusions to help become better readers and understand what we are reading.  We do many writing pieces throughout the year.


Math:  Many skills are learned in 4th grade.  From multiplication to fractions to learning how to use a protractor, we are always learning something new.


Science:  We  learn many concepts in Science such as simple machines, earthquakes and volcanoes, plants, and electricity.  We even have lab once a week.


Social Studies:  4th grade is very exciting in Social Studies.  We learn all about American history while concentrating on New York State.  We take a fabulous field trip around Grand Island in May and learn more about our local history.


In addition to these subjects, we also go to Religion daily.  Once a week we have culinary, Physical Education, Art, Music, Computers, and Library.