Mr. Kenline

Hello Everyone,


    This is my first attempt at updating my web page so please bear with me.  I wanted to share some exciting news from the passed weekend that involves some of our student scientists here at St Stephen's.  Last Saturday, Stella Niagara Educational Academy hosted the Niagara County Science Fair.  Four teams from St Stephen's entered projects and all were commended by the judges for their work and presentation during the judging phase of the fair.  Our two 5th grade teams consisted of Joey Ciffa, Dennis Misko, and Sean Nemeth whose project looked at which battery lasts longest.  Nicolette Williams and Cara Eugeni did their project on Mechanical Weathering and How it Causes Potholes.  Both these teams did a fantastic job of presenting their material, explaining their procedures and how they came to their conclusions.

    Our 6th grade team consisted of Anna Dugan and Elizabeth Judd.  Their project looked at the Psychology of Color and how it affects people's perception of others.  They conducted their research and gathered their data through a survey they administered to the students and faculty.  They compiled their results and during the judging were thoroughly engaged with the judges as they explained their methodology and background research.  At the awards ceremony at the end of the fair, the girls were presented with an Award of Excellence for the efforts.

   The last "team" was Allyson Nemeth, a 7th grader, whose project studied the affect of different types of liquids on plant growth.  She designed her experiment to determine if water, kool-aid, or milk provided any benefit to a growing plant.  Despite a slight problem that developed with the plants receiving the milk (it was a little bit odiferous) she was able to determine that, at least to start out, water was the liquid that provided the best results.  Allyson received an Award of Honors during the closing ceremony of the fair.

    Besides presenting their projects, the students participated in a variety of workshops that gave them an opportunity to explore additional aspects of science and engineering.  The students all expressed that they had a good time, and most said that they would most likely be working on another project to enter the fair next year.  I've talked with Mr. Gruenauer and we are looking at holding our own St Stephen's science fair next year in conjunction with Catholic Schools week.  More information and details will be available as they get worked out.