Our greenhouse is finally nearing completion of its interior update and it’s really looking good.  We’ve got the pavers down to give us a more permanent floor on the “Life Skills” side of the greenhouse, and the plumbing is almost finished which will give us water for both the culinary and greenhouse programs.  The Living Environment students are currently conducting an experiment that will give us our first plantings of the season as they determine the effect of light on the sprouting of potatoes.  Once the experiment is finished, the students will be planting the spuds in grow bags and tending them in the greenhouse until the Spring weather finally decides to show up.

Our beekeepers are starting to meet again this month as we prepare to see how our bees did over the winter.  We’re all keeping our fingers crossed that they have survived and will be able to get an early start at building up for this year’s spring nectar flow.  Our thanks to Mr. Grimmelt who joined us during Catholic Schools Week to show the younger students how honey makes it from the frames in the hive to the bottles on the shelf at your local store.  He extracted several frames of honey from his own hives and each of the classes from pre-K to fifth grade were able to watch the process (and get a taste of the results).