1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Click Gmail (if you click the blue box that says sign in, skip to step 4.)
  3. Select Sign In

  4. Your email is your full last name followed by the first initial of your first name @ststephensgi.orgFor example Student’s Name: John Smith

  5. The password is the same password as your login for your school computers. (for 3rd grade is ssss2080)
  6. After hitting next you will arrive at the screen below. THIS IS GOOD! Because you have a student account you do not have access to email but you do have access to all the other apps. Open a new tab.
  7. This will take you to the google home screen. You will know you are logged in because you will see in the top right corner a circle of color with your first initial inside of it.

Please Note:

Students will be using google classroom, google docs, google slides, googles sheets, googles forms, and google drive. Students are to use Google applications when completing assignments for computer class.

All google apps that we use in class are available for free at the app store, and compatible with the following operating systems.

Android devises OS version 4.1.1 and above

Apple devises iPhone/iPad/iPod running an operating system with version 10.0 and above.

If you have limited access to technology please contact me at kozlowskit@ststephensgi.org to make accommodations. The computer lab is available to student use before school at 8:15 am and homework prep.