Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Fredricks - Twin Daughters class of 2012

Dear Mrs. Ende,

From the first day that Grace and Alexis entered St. Stephen School 10 years ago as bright eyed pre-schoolers, Betsy and I knew we made the right choice for our childrens’ education. There have been times that we questioned whether or not it was wise to spend the money on tuition when we had the option to send the girls to a very good public school on Grand Island. We obviously decided it was and have never regretted our decision.
This past Friday we learned that not only did our daughters get accepted to their first choice school, Mount St. Mary Academy, but they have received over $22,000 in scholarships. These awards were based on their academic performance over the past few years, their community service, and their scores on the High School Entrance exam. It is very apparent that you and the staff at St. Stephen School do an outstanding job preparing students for high school and beyond.
Watching Alexis and Grace work as hard as they did studying for the exam, taking the prep course and writing essays for scholarships, along with their daily studies, we realized that no matter the outcome, we couldn’t be prouder of them. They truly have become wonderful young ladies and good Christians.
I am not sure that most educators realize what an important role they play in their student’s lives. As a parent, I know how much I appreciate having the lessons I try to teach them at home, reinforced at school. 
Thank you, the teachers and staff. You are doing an incredible job. Please always remember that you make a difference.

Joe Fredricks

Joe & Betsy Fredricks